We maintain a list of local and regional resources that may be of interest to individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. The Iowa City Autism Community, however, does not endorse any therapies or services that are designed to cure autism or forcefully alter the nature of people on the autism spectrum. We do encourage people to weigh the risks and benefits when seeking any alternative therapies and make a choice that is right for them or their family.

If you know of a resource that may be of interest to the autism community, please contact Jessie Witherell at and it may be posted on this website.


“….many autistic children placed in behavioral therapy programs have been prevented from engaging in physical movements that their brains associate with specific emotions. Autistic individuals may, for example, rock back and forth when they are anxious or flap their hands when they are happy and excited. Behavioral programs often focus on suppressing these autistic traits because they are socially stigmatized, without considering whether they serve any useful neurological functions such as processing the associated emotions and their expression in language……

…..Because many autistic mannerisms such as hand-flapping are completely harmless, they would be better dealt with by ending the stigma and improving society’s acceptance of neurological differences.”

—— By Gwen McKay from her essay, “The Perils of Normalization”,                                           originally posted on Shift Journal.