For the past year, we have been working to fulfill our mission by:
-maintaining this website
-moderating and managing a very active Facebook page which currently has more than 210 members
-facilitating a parent group
-partnering to offer practical workshops for parents
-organizing many autism-friendly events and field trips
-(as of July 2017) organizing a group for adults who are interested in a low-key/no-pressure social environment

We also host events and gatherings throughout the year.

Until now, we have been footing the bill for the website (minus a small grant from the Pilot Club) and fliers/photocopies.  Your contribution will be used to do the following:
·        Maintain our website so that people in our community will have free access to all resources in our community, autism-centered events and updates about current news about topics of interest in the Iowa City area.
·        Offset cost of photocopying fliers
·         Partially subsidize cost of events for participants, supply snacks and/or beverages
·         Provide small contributions to workshop presenters


***We are currently fundraising for our autism-friendly swim events! These have been the most popular and well-attended ICAC – sponsored activities. These swim events give individuals on the autism spectrum and their families a safe place to be themselves and to have access to family changing rooms, which many pools do not offer. Visit our GoFundMe Campaign here!***

The Iowa City Autism Community appreciates donations in any amount.  We also understand that any size donation could pose a hardship for some – please don’t feel any pressure!  Everyone will always be welcome at our events and in our community.

We also accept cash or checks made out to The Iowa City Autism Community. Contact us at

Thank you for supporting the Iowa City Autism Community!