Helpful Education Resources

ASK Resource Center ASK Resource Center

Through coordinated efforts, ASK partner organizations engage in a wide variety of
activities and outreach efforts to all parts of the state of Iowa.

Find information about IEPs, 504s, behavior plans, special education rights and more on their website – 


Family and Educator Partnership

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The Grant Wood AEA Family & Educator Partnership (FEP) works to develop and sustain effective partnerships between families, educators, and community providers to promote success for all children and youth with disabilities.

FEP links families and educators for better understanding and communication. As part of a statewide network, the program provides a lending library of printed information, books and videos; workshops and consultation on communication and family issues; a speakers’ bureau; and ongoing networking with support groups and parent-teacher organizations.


Mosaic Haven

Mosaic Haven

Certified coaches assist families to create a positive partnership with their child’s school and ensure everyone is collaboratively working to achieve the same goals.

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