Autism Services in Iowa City and Surrounding Areas



Access 2 Independence


For over 35 years, Access 2 Independence has worked to increase the self-integration of people with disabilities throughout the Eastern Iowa Corridor.  Their Independent Living Specialists are a source for guidance and referrals, who will work with you to achieve your goals and increase your independence.

They help any person with any disability — regardless of race, gender, class, religion, or sexual orientation, and their services are always free of charge.

Visit or contact at

  Autism Center


The Autism Center is part of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. They coordinate with the following departments to provide evaluations, behavioral assessments, treatment recommendations, and ongoing follow-up care.

* Center for Disabilities and Development

* Pediatric Psychology

* Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic


To schedule an evaluation or appointment: 1-888-573-5437 For questions, contact Mary Roberts, Autism Center Coordinator:

Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowadownload

The Belin-Blank Center provides a variety of services and programs aimed at gifted individuals, including “twice-exceptional” students through their National Institute for Twice Exceptionality (NITE). Twice-exceptionality refers to gifted students who have learning, behavioral, and/or social-emotional difficulties. NITE provides a clearinghouse for resources related to the topic of twice-exceptionality. Belin-Blank also provides assessment and counseling for twice-exceptional children and their families.



Center for Disabilities and Development (CDD)


The CDD serves children and adults with a wide variety of developmental differences, including autism. They offer comprehensive developmental evaluations, which may include

communication, behavioral, and psychological assessments. The CDD is part of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.



Center for Disabilities and Development – Disability Resource Library (DRL)download

The DRL is located on the first floor of the Center for Disabilities and Development. DRL collections focus on information for, by, and about people with disabilities. Materials come in a variety of formats — books, DVDs, training curricula, software, and assistive technology. You can borrow materials in person or by mail. Resources are offered on three week loans free of charge to people with disabilities and their families, as well as to service providers. There is a great play area for children to make it easier for parents to browse the materials.



Child Health Specialty Clinics (CHSC)

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CHSC serves children and youth, birth through 21 years of age, who live in Iowa and have a chronic condition (physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional) or are at increased risk for a chronic condition and also have a need for special services. CHCS provides several different programs, a few of which are listed below. A complete list can be found on their website.



Child Psychiatry Clinic


The Child Psychiatry Clinic is part of the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Services are provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and nurses. Multiple providers specialize in autism, including autistic children with co-morbid diagnoses such as anxiety.


888-573-KIDS (5437)

Child Serve

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Child Serve provides a wide variety of services to kids with developmental disabilities and their families, including speech, occupational, behavioral and physical therapy, as well as support groups, hippotherapy, social skills and respite care. They have two locations – one in North Liberty, the other in Iowa City. A Saturday morning support group for families is free and runs concurrent with social skills classes for kids. Childcare is available, also free.



One on One Dog Therapy Consulting and Mentoring


Pet therapy providers and assist with general dog training questions or questions about companion dogs for children with autism.

Visit their Facebook page here or contact Leslie Buscher at

(319) 899-7142

Pediatric Integrated Health (PIH)


PIH is a program of the Child Health Specialty Clinics. CHSC is contracted with PIH to provide care coordination and family support services in eastern and northeastern Iowa for children and youth under 19 years old who are eligible for Medicaid and have an emotional disorder, including autism. Family support may include: attending medical appointments and school meetings with families, linking families to community-based resources, and helping parents connect with their peers.



Regional Autism Assistance Program (RAP)


RAP is a program of the Child Health Specialty Clinics. This program provides teams (which include family navigators, Registered Nurses, and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners) to help all Iowans aged 0 – 21 years access diagnostic services, care coordination, family support, and help navigating the educational system.


1-866-219-9119 ext. 2


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Early ACCESS is Iowa’s early intervention system, which provides services to infants and toddlers age 0 – 3 years with developmental delays. It is funded by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Most services are provided by the local Area Education Agency (in the Iowa City area, that is the Grant Wood AEA), while some are provided by CHSC. Early ACCESS may provide a wide variety of services, including speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition/feeding services, audiology and many more.



Grant Wood Area Education Agency (GWAEA)download (3)

The GWAEA offers a wide variety of therapeutic, educational, and early intervention services to parents and children in our area. Their Autism Core Team provides agency in-services, on-site in-services, team consultation, student observation, IEP meeting support, functional behavior analyses, peer awareness and education, and a variety of other services to help support individuals n the autism spectrum and the staff working with them.


1-319-399-6700 or 1-800-332-8488

Grant Wood AEA Parent Partnership (PEP)download (2)

Each AEA in the state has at least one Parent-Educator Team, available to provide Disability library materials (available to school and parents), transition assistance, IFSP/IEP consultation by phone, face-to-face, for parents and educators, referrals to resources, advocacy groups, other families and teachers. Go to the PEP website to find the latest PEP News Bulletin.


319-399-6702 or 319-399-6719

Southeast Iowa Autism Support Group

Wherever you are on the spectrum, whether diagnosed or not, join us for support and community in a space where you can be yourself. This group meets the  2nd and 4th Saturday at Uptown Bills in Iowa City.

For more information about the support group –

Enrichment Therapy and Learning Center (ETLC)download (3)

ETLC offers speech, feeding, and language comprehension therapy, in addition to programs to help children with reading and mathematical challenges/delays. They also offer a half-day “Language Enrichment Academy” for preschoolers and school-age children (who are homeschooled or dual-enrolled).



Genesis Pediatric Therapy – Coralville

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The Genesis Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Clinic in Coralville, Iowa provides compassionate, quality rehabilitative care to all children with a variety of therapeutic needs. Services are provided by expert therapists with years of experience and certifications in their respective areas of specialization. They work with kids with a variety of disabilities and developmental delays. Genesis therapists are passionate about pursuing innovative treatments. As well as educating therapists, health care providers, and families nationwide on unique techniques that are provided at this clinic.
Cutting Edge Therapy Services:
– Sensory Integration
– Speech/ Oral Motor Feeding Therapy
– PROMPT Approach
-Interactive Metronome
-Sequential Oral Sensory Feeding Approach
-Beckman Oral Motor Approach
– Bio-feedback
-Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Treatment
– Universal Exercise Unit
– Therasuit and Theratog Treatment
– Serial Casting
– Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy
-Neuro-developmental treatments
-Early Intervention
For more information check out their Facebook page!
phone: 319-853-0596
Heartland Pediatric Feeding Disorders Services
Specialize in assessments for young children who have feeding disorders that lead to treatments that result in the following outcomes for your child:
•  Increased Oral Consumption of Target Food Items
•  Decreased Food Refusal
•  Decreased Problem Behaviors during Meals
•  Increased Weight Gain
•  Decreased (or Eliminate) the Need for Supplemental
​To schedule an appointment call: (515) 771-6248
or by email:
or visit their website at


Miracles in Motion

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Miracles in Motion is a therapeutic equestrian center located about 15 minutes north of Iowa City. They offer several programs, including hippotherapy (e.g. physical, occupational, or speech therapy is delivered while the patient is on horseback) – which is billed through a therapeutic agency, and therapeutic riding (private pay), which focuses on building strength and confidence for riders with social, motor or other developmental challenges.



Mercy Pediatrics
Dr. Angela O’Connor is a board certified pediatrician with more than 20 years in practice. She has a special interest in autism (her oldest son has Aspergers) and went through training to be able to administer the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale (ADOS-2).  She usually schedules an initial consultation with parents and patient to discuss concerns and then schedule for testing if this seems appropriate.  She provides a detailed report of the testing, any diagnosis and recommendations for further treatment and evaluations and help with finding resources. Dr. O’Connor prescribes medications for very select cases but generally refer to psychiatry or Behavior Pediatrics if meds are needed.
For more information, call Mercy Pediatrics: 319-688-7337

Wendell-Johnson Speech and Hearing Clinic (W-J SHC)download (6)

W-J SHC is part of the University of Iowa Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Under the close clinical supervision of faculty, Communication Sciences graduate students provide evaluation and therapy services to children who are in need of developing and expanding their speech and/or language skills.


1-319-335-8736 Anne Wallace, Clinical Coordinator –

West Music – Music Therapy Services

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West Music has a variety of programs to meet the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum, including Music Therapy, provided by Board Certified Music Therapists, Adaptive Lessons, and a variety of community choirs.



The Arc of Southeastern Iowa

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The Arc provides a wide array of services to our community, including respite, supported community living, summer camps, after school programming, advocacy, parent education, and employment support. They also have a fun, accessible playground behind their building.



Goodwill of the Heartland

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Goodwill of the Heartland serves individuals in 16 eastern Iowa counties. Goodwill provides several services, including employment assistance and training, job placement, supported community living, and day habilitation.





Handicare has been offering childcare services for children with disabilities, from birth to third grade, for 30 years. Programs include before- and after-school care, summer programming, daycare, and transportation. Handicare has a high staff to child ratio.



Mayor’s Youth Empowerment Program (MYEP)

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MYEP offers a variety of programs, including day habilitation, supported employment, and supporting community living.



Reach for Your Potential (REACH)

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REACH provides hourly and daily residential services as well as adult day support for individuals with disabilities. Hourly services are designed to teach daily living skills, such as cooking or money management, and to assist the individuals in achieving their goals for greater independence. Daily services may include ‘round-the-clock care, and are provided in private residences.


REM IOWA – Coralville Office

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REM Iowa provides day programs, residential treatment and supported living. They have recently (2015) started an autism-specific residential program in Hiawatha, IA, and hope to expand that model in the future.


(319) 665-2530

Systems Unlimited

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Systems Unlimited provides a wide range of services to individuals with disabilities and their families. These include supported living and respite, employment services (including vocational training and job coaching), as well as therapy for children and families.

Contact: or at

1- 319-338-9212

Village Community


The Village Community is a cooperative model of learning and working for young adults with intellectual disabilities. This parent owned and run 501c3 organization focuses on skill

acquisition, onsite and community based learning, and social skill development. The Village works closely with the University of Iowa and other community entities to best support the unique learning needs of its members. The Village offers day habilitation and SCL services through the ID waiver and is an official Special Olympics delegation. Contact: (319) 643-7446

For additional information: