ICAC Partners With Local Libraries to Make Select Book Titles Accessible Via Libby App

Check it out! No really. You can now check out select titles from the Libby app thanks to everyone’s generous suggestions! We’ve partnered with our local libraries to make these books more accessible to our community. Here are the titles and formats currently available –
The Reason I Jump, by Naoki Higishida – eBook only
Thinking in Pictures, by Temple Grandin – eBook and eAudio
Uniquely Human, by Barry Prizant – eBook and eAudio
Girls Growing Up On the Autism Spectrum, by Shana Nichola – eBook only
Look Me In The Eye, by John Elder Robison – eBook and eAudio
Neurotribes, by Steve Silberman – eBook and eAudio
We thank our libraries for their continued support and partnership 🙂
More about the Libby app and how to get it here – https://www.icpl.org/books-more/digital-library