**We Need Your Support! Fundraising for Autism Swims Through the Month of April **

April is Autism Acceptance Month! The Iowa City Autism Community works for autism acceptance and inclusion everyday.  We are a volunteer-only group.

We have been organizing Autism-Friendly Swims at the University of Iowa Campus Recreation and Wellness Center’s Leisure Pool for the past several months.  They are, by far, our most popular events.  Not only is the pool a lot of fun, but they also have family locker rooms, which is critical to making swimming pools accessible to families who cannot use uni-gender locker rooms together.

The only problem is they cost about $190 each time, so we are completely dependent on donations to make this accessible to families for FREE.

Donations to this gofundme campaign will be used to sponsor more FREE swimming events for families with autistic members.

Click HERE to support.

Checks may also be made out to The Iowa City Autism Community. Contact us at icautismcommunity@gmail.com to set up your donation.
THANK YOU for your support of the Iowa City Autism Community!