Autism Acceptance

What is Autism Acceptance?

Acceptance is about treating autistic people with respect, listening to what they have to say about themselves and inspiring welcome and understanding for them.

How is Acceptance Different Than Awareness?

Many traditional autism awareness campaigns are rooted in the notion that society needs to be aware of people on the autism spectrum but offer little information about how to include or support them. Unfortunately, some language that is often used (ie – “looking for warning signs” and “red flags”, likening autism to a tragedy, etc) focuses on the deficits of autistic people without educating others about how to truly understand them. This can lead to to negative stigma about the condition. While there is no disputing that many people on the spectrum do have significant challenges that often require accommodations and specialized supports, their voices, opinions, dignity and their human rights should always be respected. Autism Acceptance means sharing positive and accurate information about autism and promoting a society that values and includes ALL kinds of minds.

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