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Iowa City Autism Community | CAUSETEAM

(photo: blue t-shirt with a “Celebrate Neurodiversity” logo surrounded by butterflies, flowers, planets and a rocket ship)


Thinking about Christmas or the holidays? The Iowa City Autism Community is running a fundraiser through this CauseTeam page. We have an awesome design by a local, autistic artist – a variety of apparel, mugs, tote bags are available! This is a great way to not just support ICAC, but to educate the community about neurodiversity!

Funds go directly toward things like book and calm kit giveaways, support for mental health and sensory rooms in local schools, subsidizing free activities and field trips, free/reduced price online workshops, website maintenance, and more!


For more information about the artist behind this design and to see more of her work, please check out Ariane’s Instagram HERE.

(photo: a print of a stylized owl surrounded by flower and dot flourishes)

May be an illustration of big cat and text that says "Rudbeckia"

(photo: silhouette of a walking black cat filled with a flower print, surrounded by leaves and more floral elements)